Configuring Outlook to Access ICCSD Google Email

ICCSD’s transition to Google email for staff on April 27th is rapidly approaching, and there are steps that you can take to prepare in advance!  If you have questions, check out my Email Migration Overview for more info.  

The first step you should take, before following any other instructions in this article, is to manually migrate any emails you have that are older than 180 days (by following this link).  While this step is optional – you may not want or need access to older email – it should be completed prior to following the instructions below.  

Configuring Outlook to Access Google Email

One of the challenges of this transition has been related to terminology.  Email, within the ICCSD, has generally been referred to as “Outlook Email”.  In actuality, our current email service is Microsoft Exchange, and Outlook is just a software client that most staff use to access email.  Here’s the good news: if you like Outlook, you can continue to use it even after we migrate to Google (Gmail)!

That said, some of you may prefer to simply use the email/calendar interface available at and, respectively.  Not only is that totally fine, but you can actually sign in to either one right now with your district email address and network password to check out the interface.  

If, however, you’d prefer to use Outlook, follow the steps outlined in the video below.  Note that you’ll need a couple of prerequisites in place: 

  • You will need to run these steps from an on-campus computer
  • You will need to close Outlook prior to running the Google Apps Sync installer; there’s a reminder of this in the video
  • I’d highly recommend that if you plan to migrate old email, you do so prior to following the instructions below.

If you run into problems following these instructions, check the prerequisites above, and then get in touch with the Help Desk by either entering a support ticket at http://kbox or by dialing x4357.  You can also access Google’s support site for Google Apps Sync here.