National IT Professionals Day

September 17th, 2019 is National IT Professionals Day!

At the Iowa City Community School District, we have a variety of roles in our tech department. Here are the types of IT professionals that make up our technology and innovation staff, and the ways they support tech throughout the district!


If you’ve ever had a broken device, trouble logging in to an account, or issues getting your tech to work properly, then you’re probably already familiar with the ICCSD Help Desk.

Since the start of our fiscal year on July 1st, the HelpDesk has received over 2,500 support requests. Helpdesk staff review many of these tickets, and either complete the request themselves or assign them to a more specialized tech staff member. Whether you give them a call on the phone or submit a request online through HappyFox, our HelpDesk staff is here to…well…help!

Technical Support Specialists

The Iowa City Community School District has a total of 28 schools, plus additional facilities like the bus barn and physical plant (just to name a couple). All of these buildings have technological devices that need to be supported and maintained. Enter the ICCSD Tech Support Specialists!

While most of our tech staff members work from the ESC, our tech support specialists provide “on the field” support. Some of them are stationed at a single school, while others travel across the district, checking on multiple buildings per day. They make sure the tech in each building is functioning properly and support Happyfox tickets at the buildings to which they are assigned.

Network & System Administrators

In layman’s terms, our Network/Systems Administrators make sure that our internet works. This group oversees server and networking infrastructure, equipment, deployment, administration, and maintenance. 

They also administer Active Directory, a program that helps us assign email addresses and account permissions to students and staff throughout the district.

Data Team and Administrative Staff

Our data team members maintain necessary data in Powerschool and other district applications. They also export pertinent data when needed to evaluate programs or understand district demographics.

Administrative staff don’t really fit into any of the previously mentioned categories, but fulfill vital roles in the tech department. They perform the clerical and administrative tasks that keep our department’s operations running as smoothly as possible.

Fiber Cut 9/11/2019

Final Update: District fiber has been rerouted and all services have been restored. If you have any additional connection issues please contact the Helpdesk. 
Update:Internet and phone services have been restored at all schools except for Hoover, Lemme, and Lucas. 
The following update was provided to families of the remaining affected schools.

“We wanted to make you aware that construction crews working on a private development in Iowa City cut and damaged over 1,000 feet of Iowa City Community School District and city-owned fiber optic cable, which caused an internet outage at the end of the school day Wednesday, September 11. The outage impacted City and Tate High Schools, South East Junior High, and Alexander, Hills, Hoover, Lemme, Lucas, Twain, and Wood Elementary Schools. As of Wednesday early evening, services have been restored to City, Tate, South East, Alexander, Hills, Twain, and Wood by using a secondary fiber optic path.   

Unfortunately, there is no redundant fiber path available for Hoover, Lemme, and Lucas Elementary Schools. Crews will be working through the night to establish a temporary fiber route for these buildings, with a best-case completion timeline of Thursday morning. In the meantime, internet and phone services at Hoover, Lemme, and Lucas will be unavailable. Parents who need to get in touch with the school by phone can still call the school’s regular number, and those calls will be routed through district office staff. The district is working to establish cellular phone and data services in the affected buildings to provide for communications needs.  

We appreciate your patience as we work through this issue.”

Orginal Notice: A fiber connection providing internet services for the school district and the City of Iowa City have been cut somewhere between the ESC and SEJH. Repair crews have been dispatched and are currently working on locating the cut. The following schools are affected and will do not have the internet.
  • Lucas
  • Lemme
  • Hoover
  • City
  • Sejh
  • City Annex
  • Hills
  • Twain
  • Alexander
  • Wood
  • TSC