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Make Sure to VOTE in School Elections Today!!!

Make sure to get out and VOTE today (Tuesday, September 12th) for school elections in the Iowa City Community School District!  Today, there are a number of school board seats on the ballot, along with the district’s G.O. Bond for school infrastructure projects.  Polls are open from 7 AM until 8 PM. 

You can use this map-based polling place lookup to look up your school polling place based upon your address: 

Note: school polling places may differ from your general election polling place!

Brief Network Outage at Hills, Weber, and Transitions

In order to complete necessary maintenance related to a problem impacting Hills Elementary, network service – including internet, internal network services, and phone service – will be briefly disrupted today at 5:00 PM.   This issue will impact Hills Elementary, Weber Elementary, and Transitions.

We expect that this outage will last between 5 and 10 minutes. 

ICCSD Launches Virtual Application Service

To support our secondary 1:1 Chromebook initiative, the Iowa City Schools have launched our Citrix virtual application service, which allows students and teachers to run Windows software on a Chromebook.  

For detailed information, check out our Virtual Applications page, and for instructions for accessing the system at, check out the video below: 


Brief Network Outage on August 28th

As part of a planned system upgrade, the ICCSD internet connection will briefly be offline at 5:00 PM on Monday, August 28th.  We expect this outage to last for a short time, but there is the possibility that outages will continue either continuously or sporadically for up to one hour.  

We do not expect any downtime after 6:00 PM on August 28th.  As always, we appreciate your patience as we work to improve our network infrastructure and performance. 

ICCSD Canvas Resource Pages

ICCSD teachers learning about Canvas should check out the following resources: 

Additional resources will be added to the Canvas Resource page listed above as they become available.  

Google Read & Write Teacher Signup

One of the most well-reviewed services that we’ve implemented in recent years in the Iowa City Schools is Read&Write for Google Chrome, which is designed to improve the accessibility of web resources.  While we have pushed this service out to all students using their ICCSD Google accounts, the service’s publisher – Texthelp – requires that teachers sign up in order to receive premium access.  

This service is available to all district teachers; ICCSD teachers can sign up at this link: 

You’ll need to enter your ICCSD email address as your email address, and can enter the following information for the district administrator section: 

School/District Admin Name: Justin Miller
School/District Admin Email: 

I hope that you enjoy and benefit from this resource!

Staff Device Distribution Update

Halfway through our scheduled distribution of new staff devices, the process has gone very smoothly!  We upgraded 440 staff devices on Thursday (May 4th), and upgraded another 135 devices on Friday (May 5th).  We began with a bang – about 30 people arrived before 6:40 AM on Thursday – but after refining our process a bit, were able to process upgrades for the majority of users within our 15-minute target timeframe.  

Here are a few key pieces of information and takeaways that might be useful for staff who will be upgrading this week:  Continue reading Staff Device Distribution Update

1:1 Initiative Coming to Junior Highs in August

Updated: May, 2018

In Fall, 2017, the Iowa City Schools launched its Chromebook 1:1 initiative in all high school grade levels (9th – 12th).  In August, 2018, the initiative will be extended to include grades 7 and 8 district-wide. 

district-profile-gilrs-at-compuersAccounts from our students, teachers, principals, and families indicate that the first year of our 1:1 initiative in the high schools has gone well.  With that said, our 1:1 initiative – and all of our technology initiatives – are ever-evolving.  As we look to roll devices out to junior high school students in August, 2018, we will be utilizing lessons learned from our first year of the high school 1:1 program to make the transition as smooth as possible from both a logistical, as well as a teaching and learning perspective.    Continue reading 1:1 Initiative Coming to Junior Highs in August