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Getting Started with 1:1

On August 23rd, ICCSD began issuing 1:1 Chromebooks (laptops with Chrome OS) to each student in our high schools.  As we get started with this program, please check out our 1:1 Information page, which includes a program overview, policies, content filtering information, privacy information, and other useful information for students, parents/guardians, and teachers.  

What about hub computers?

I’ve been writing a great deal about the cool, new technologies that we’re deploying – our secondary 1:1 program, device infusion at the elementary level, our new classroom suite that includes wireless video and voice amplification, dramatic network infrastructure improvements, virtual applications, and staff device upgrades, to name a few – but am going to devote some time today to a device type that will be phased out within our classrooms.   Continue reading What about hub computers?

ICCSD Tech Slack Chat #1: Supportability & Innovation

This is the inaugural edition of the ICCSD technology Slack chat.  This will be a recurring series, with a different topic for each chat.  Joining me for the chat today were Kelly Nelson, Denise Rehmke, and Justin Miller.  We look forward to bringing others from within and outside the technology & innovation department into our future chats.  If you have a request for a chat topic, please send it to me.  

ajkurth (Adam Kurth, Director of Technology & Innovation): Welcome everyone; I hope that you’re all having a fine Thursday afternoon.  As a reminder, the topic for today’s chat is: walking the line between supportability and innovation.

nelson.kelly (Kelly Nelson, Help Desk Manager):  I’ll kick off by expressing my enthusiasm for changing how we deploy teacher computers. I think this will simplify support tremendously. Continue reading ICCSD Tech Slack Chat #1: Supportability & Innovation

Fall 2016 Technology Plans Overview

I’m off to West High School this afternoon to talk with our social studies and world languages teachers about upcoming technology plans, and realized that I haven’t yet posted the PowerPoint that I’ve frequently used in order to provide a synopsis of our upcoming changes.  

The PDF below includes the slides from that presentation, and offers a quick update on some of the bigger changes we’re implementing here in the Iowa City Schools.  


1:1 Initiative Coming to Junior Highs in August

Updated: May, 2018

In Fall, 2017, the Iowa City Schools launched its Chromebook 1:1 initiative in all high school grade levels (9th – 12th).  In August, 2018, the initiative will be extended to include grades 7 and 8 district-wide. 

district-profile-gilrs-at-compuersAccounts from our students, teachers, principals, and families indicate that the first year of our 1:1 initiative in the high schools has gone well.  With that said, our 1:1 initiative – and all of our technology initiatives – are ever-evolving.  As we look to roll devices out to junior high school students in August, 2018, we will be utilizing lessons learned from our first year of the high school 1:1 program to make the transition as smooth as possible from both a logistical, as well as a teaching and learning perspective.    Continue reading 1:1 Initiative Coming to Junior Highs in August