Canvas Trimester Transition

One of the challenges we’ve faced in terms of implementing Canvas over the past year has been trimester transitions.  We are confident that we’ve now ironed out issues that have impacted students and teachers during previous transition periods, such that teachers should continue to have access to course materials and the Canvas grading system through the weekend following the trimester transition.  

In order to ensure a smooth experience for teachers submitting their first trimester grades, we will be pausing the PowerSchool/Canvas sync for enrollment data from Thursday, November 15th until Sunday, November 18th. During this time, the most current enrollments for your second trimester courses will not change and new student enrollments will not appear in Canvas until Monday morning (when the sync has been resumed).

You will still be able to sync your grades from Canvas to Powerschool during that time, however, when the sync resumes at 11:00 PM on Sunday (November 18th), you will no longer be able to sync your first trimester grades from Canvas. You will still be able to enter the grades manually into PowerSchool. While this may seem unusual, this is made necessary by a technical limitation in Canvas that does not allow us to have two trimesters syncing with PowerSchool at the same time.

Course Cross-Listing Reminder

As a reminder, if you are planning on cross-listing your second trimester courses, you will want to make sure that is done before you start syncing your gradebook. Directions for cross-listing courses are available here.

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