Content Filtering Policies and Parental Controls

All ICCSD-issued Chromebooks are filtered whether the device is on the school’s network or not.   When devices are on-campus, they are subject to the same content filtering policies as all of our internet-connected devices.  For off-campus devices, we filter using the Securly service, which allows the district to block content that is explicit or dangerous, as determined by the district’s technology council, IT department, and as defined in federal law.

District-Filtered Categories

ICCSD blocks the following site categories: pornography, drugs, gambling, network misuse, other adult content, anonymous proxies, hate sites, and search engines that don’t allow safe search enforcement.

Parental Controls

The Chromebook is a learning tool both in the classroom and at home. The partnership between your child’s school and home extends beyond learning reading, writing and arithmetic.  Digital citizenship is an important part of today’s world, and helping your student become a positive role model in the digital world is an important part of the ICCSD Chromebook Program.

To that end, ICCSD has chosen a web filtering company, Securly, which allows parents monitor and restrict their child(ren)’s internet activity beyond the restrictions put in place by the district.

First, let’s take a look at the Parent Portal, which is what allows you to see your child’s internet activity.

How do I sign up to receive this email?
Parents are automatically enrolled in this service the primary email address listed in PowerSchool.  If you are not receiving the email and your primary address is correct in PowerSchool, please contact the ICCSD Help Desk.

How do I opt out of this email?
At the bottom of the email, there is an Unsubscribe button.

I opted out, but now I changed my mind and would like to receive the email.
No problem. Email and let them know that you had unsubscribed and you would like to be added back.

How do I add additional restrictions? 

Now let’s take a look at how you can add more filtering to your child’s Chromebook while he/she is at home.