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Use Screencastify to Record Screencasts

Did you know that the Iowa City CSD has a site license for Screencastify, a Chrome plugin that allows you to record your entire screen (not just Chrome)?  For teachers thinking about flipping a lesson, staff members providing a walkthrough of an on-screen process, or a student recording a presentation, screen recording software can be of great value.  

The Screencastify plugin allows ICCSD teachers, staff, and students to record an unlimited number of videos, each of unlimited length, which can then be uploaded to YouTube, shared via Google Drive, or downloaded as an mp4 file or animated GIF.  In order to use the ICCSD site license, you just need to authenticate with your @iowacityschools.org or @icstudents.org Google account.  

For instructions or more information, check out our guide.  

Maximizing Internet/Network Performance

While we’ve taken many steps to expand our network access and performance over the past few months, the reality is that all networks face hard limits in terms of the amount of data that can be moved at once.  

In order to ensure that teachers and students are able to maximize internet and network performance, here are a few useful tips: Continue reading Maximizing Internet/Network Performance