Manually Adding People to Canvas Courses

Teachers should be able to add anybody with an ICCSD Google account (including paraeducators) to their courses following the process outlined here

1. Open their course in Canvas
2. Click on the “People” tab on the left
3. Click the blue +People button in the top right
4. *IMPORTANT* Select “Login ID” (not “Email Address”)
5. Enter the email addresses of the people that need to be added, separated by commas
6. Assign a role.  Teacher and TA have similar access, except that
TA’s cannot perform certain course functions like concluding a course. Designers can help design course elements, while observers can only see the activities and information posted to a course page.
7. Assign a section (if applicable).
8. Click “Next”
9. At the confirmation screen, click “Add Users”.  If a user can’t be found verify that the email address is correct, verify that the “Login ID” option was checked, and then contact the Help Desk if there are still issues.