ICCSD Two-Factor AUthentication FAQ

Beginning in summer of 2021, ICCSD will be requiring two-factor authentication for all staff email / Google accounts. The deadlines for setting up two-factor authentication are shown below:

Staff GroupTwo-Factor Authentication Required
ESC StaffJune 9th, 2021
All Other StaffJuly 30th, 2021

Staff must set up two-factor authentication prior to these dates by following the instructions available here. More information about two-factor authentication, including how it works and how it protects your account, is available here.

What is two-factor authentication?

Most of our staff have likely used two-factor authentication already, as it’s often required for logins to bank accounts, Apple IDs, or University of Iowa accounts, for example. Basically, it means that you’re required to provide a password along with some other means of validating your identity when you log in. The second means of verifying your identity is generally a text message code, an authentication app installed on your phone, or a phone call.

Why is ICCSD requiring two-factor authentication?

A policy update from our insurance carrier requires that we implement two-factor authentication for access to district accounts.

Beyond the insurance requirement, two-factor authentication also dramatically improves account security. Even if your password is compromised, an attacker cannot gain access to your account without also gaining physical access to your cellular phone or security key.

Will I need to authenticate with my phone every time I log in?

No, logins are cached, meaning that after you’ve authenticated using two-factor authentication the first time, future logins on that device / browser will not require two-factor authentication every time.

Will computer logins require two-factor authentication?

Logins to Windows and Mac computers will not require two-factor authentication, while logins to Chromebooks with your ICCSD account will require two-factor authentication. Beyond logins to email, Google services (like Google Drive), and Chromebooks, the only other district service that requires two-factor authentication is VPN access, which most of our staff do not use.

Will students need to log in with two-factor authentication?

No, this change only impacts staff accounts.

What about student data? Will I be required to use two-factor to log in to the SIS?

With our switch to Infinite Campus in July of 2021, all logins are tied to staff members’ Google accounts, meaning that the two-factor requirement also protects access to student data in Infinite Campus.

What if I don’t have a cell phone?

You can log in with a voice call to a specific number, or can use a physical security key to log in using your computer’s USB port. ICCSD will not provide security keys, but they can be ordered here.

Is this going to be time-consuming or problematic?

Not in our experience. ICCSD Technology & Innovation staff have been required to use multi-factor authentication for over a year, and haven’t reported significant issues or disruptions.

What should I do if I need help, or am locked out of my account?

Please contact the ICCSD Help Desk.