Stanford Study Addresses Zoom Fatigue and Potential Fixes

While many of our students are back onsite full-time, approximately 40% of ICCSD students continue to participate in our fully-online learning program.  As each of those students – along with our teachers, community members who spend hours at a time in Zoom meetings, and others – have learned, videoconferencing can be exhausting! 

I happened upon a recent article that explores the findings of a Stanford research team that was focused on the root causes of videoconferencing fatigue.  This reinforces some of our rationale for limiting the amount of synchronous instructional time, which has been shown to be far more taxing than in-person interaction. Beyond identifying the causes for Zoom fatigue, the team suggested simple fixes that may minimize the negative impacts on meeting participants. A summary of those findings is below, along with some ICCSD-adapted potential fixes. Continue reading Stanford Study Addresses Zoom Fatigue and Potential Fixes

FCC Approves Low-Income Household Internet Access Subsidy

One of the challenges that ICCSD has taken on during the pandemic is working to ensure that our families have access to reliable home internet service. Today, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) approved a federal emergency subsidy to offset the cost of home internet for low-income households, which should further the goal of accessing reliable high-speed home internet service for families in our district and around the nation. 

We will post more information to the ICCSD Innovation Blog once application information and further details are available. In the meantime, families should be aware that we continue to provide home internet connectivity to families who don’t have it.  Information about obtaining service is available here

In addition to service through the district, families should also be aware of low-cost internet options available to eligible households through South Slope, CenturyLink, and Mediacom

Resolving Authentication issues in Zoom

Many teachers at ICCSD have enabled the “Authentication Required”setting for added security in their Zoom meetings. This is a great option for security. However, it does create some extra steps on the student end. The Helpdesk has been receiving many calls and tickets from students who are not able to access Zoom meetings because of  authentication error messages. In this article, we’ll go through the steps to make sure that students are able to access their Zoom classes when that authentication setting is enabled.


If a teacher chooses to enable the “authentication required” setting, it will be helpful to inform the students in advance. That way, they are aware that they will have to log in before trying to join the Zoom meeting, otherwise they will not be admitted.


“Authenticated” is a fancy way of saying that you have a Zoom account and are logged into it. If authentication is  required, you will not be able to join that Zoom meeting as a guest. If you run into an authentication error, please let your teacher know that you are having issues.

How to Check If You Have A Zoom Account

, Resolving Authentication issues in Zoom, ICCSD Technology & Innovation Blog

This will prompt you to sign in through Google.  Enter your school email, click “next.” Then, enter your password password and click “next.”

, Resolving Authentication issues in Zoom, ICCSD Technology & Innovation Blog

  • If you have an account, you will be logged in to Zoom’s website at this point.
  • If you do not have an account, you will go to a page with the option to confirm your email. Please click the blue buttons that says “Confirm your email address”.

, Resolving Authentication issues in Zoom, ICCSD Technology & Innovation Blog

  • Once you have clicked that, go to you Gmail inbox. You should get an email from Zoom . Open it and click the blue “Activate account ” button

, Resolving Authentication issues in Zoom, ICCSD Technology & Innovation Blog

  • Please choose “Sign in with Google”, Resolving Authentication issues in Zoom, ICCSD Technology & Innovation Blog

Once you have done these steps, you will be logged in on your browser. At this point, you should be able to click  or enter a URL link for a meeting and join.

If you are joining a meeting on the app, please see instructions below to make sure you are logged in (aka authenticated) on the app.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If a Helpdesk member sends you an invite to join ICCSD’s Zoom account, it will say that you are joining Kristi Harper’s account. Kristi is the owner of our Zoom account, which is why her name shows up here. Please accept the invite. You account will still be under your name and email.

How to Sign in With the Zoom Chromebook App

If you haven’t done the above steps before, you may not be able to log in. Please make sure your Zoom account is set up before you try to log in on the app.

  • Open the Zoom app.
  • On the Sign In tab, click “Sign in with Google”
    • You have to use  “Sign in with Google.” DO NOT try to use your ICCSD login and password in left-hand login section; this will not work. You have to log in through Google, Resolving Authentication issues in Zoom, ICCSD Technology & Innovation Blog
  • At the Google login page, enter your ICCSD email and password
If you are still not able to join class:
  • Close the app and try again
  • Close your browser and applications and try again
  • Clear your cache and cookies
  • Make sure you are not logged into a personal account, or another person’s Google account anywhere on your device