Last week we shared some metrics on usage of Canvas within the district and how it has changed since implementing it back in the Spring of 2017. In addition to providing some metrics, we also wanted to provide some short tips and strategies for enhancing your instructional practices with Canvas.

🆕 Canvas in EDU 🆕

Canvas in EDU will be a weekly video series spread out over the remainder of the school year. The video series has been divided into five strands.

  1. Organization
  2. Differentiation/Personalization
  3. Collaboration
  4. Google Integration
  5. Assessment

Each strand will feature a varying number of topics and strategies that focus on enhancing instruction within Canvas. Some videos might provide new insights while others might reinforce the powerful things you are already doing. We hope you find value in these short, weekly videos.

📂 Organization 📂

Episode 01: Embedding Agendas using Google Slides

Daily agendas can provide a clear understanding for students and the objectives they will be exploring during class. Embedding a Google Slideshow into your Canvas course is a streamlined solution for sharing a daily agenda

👀 Check it out below 👇

Let’s Collaborate

If you are looking to partner with an IDS: Innovation team member and explore how you might implement the strategy from Episode 01 or collaborate on additional ways to enhance instruction with Canvas, please contact Andrew Fenstermaker at or use the form below.

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