ICCSD Technology Staff Developing Network Administration Skills

One of the principles that I’ve always been committed to is providing our employees with the opportunity to grow their skill set, and ultimately to expand their experiences and help facilitate them as they work towards their career goals. With that in mind, kudos to Chris Engels, our Enterprise Services Manager, for putting together a group of interested staff members, mostly from our Client Services team, to work together to develop their network administration skills.

A group of 8 ICCSD technology staff have signed up for a voluntary, after-hours Cisco Certified Network Administrator (CCNA) group, which will meet regularly over the coming months and ultimately take the examination for CCNA certification, one of the most highly sought-after certifications within the IT industry. While many of the staff members in this group do not have network administration responsibilities as a part of their current job role, I’m excited to see so many individuals who are interested in developing that skill set, knowing that they will be able to apply those skills in their current roles, and also that the skills and certification will qualify them for other roles in the future.

We’re already developing plans for similar professional learning opportunities following the CCNA group taking their certification exams, and I look forward to other ways that the district can support our employees as they seek to improve their skill sets and expand their career opportunities.

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