1:1 FAQ for Students and Guardians

Updated: March, 2021

For complete information on the 1:1 program beyond this Frequently Asked Questions page, check out our 1:1 Program page

Q: Will all students receive a laptop? 

A: All students in Grades K-12 receive a district-issued Chromebook.  

Q: When will Chromebooks be issued? 

A: Each school year, student Chromebooks will be issued within the first few days of the school year during the school day, unless specifically noted through district communications.  Students who already have a 1:1 Chromebook can retain possession of that device through the summer, unless the device is due for replacement.  

Q: Can I opt out of my child receiving a laptop? 

A: No, though you can restrict the device to use at school.  Please contact your school’s office to arrange for the student to store the laptop in the building rather than taking it home; it will need to be checked out at the start of each day and checked in at the end of each school day.  The decision to disallow opt-outs is due to the fact that technology is already an important element of our instructional program, and it is crucial that each student have access to technology that they need and upon which teachers can rely. 

Q: My child already has a laptop; can they use this one instead? 

A: Yes, although each student in grades K-12  is issued a laptop as part of the ICCSD 1:1 initiative.  The school-issued laptop may be left at school, and students are free to bring their own device for daily use if they so choose.  It is important to note, however, that some of the online services – including access to reading and writing supports integrated with Chrome OS, access to certain applications, and access to printing – are deployed on a per-device basis, and will only be accessible from an ICCSD-issued Chromebook. 

Q: Is there content filtering to prevent explicit content from being viewed on ICCSD-issued Chromebooks? 

A: Yes.  All ICCSD-issued Chromebooks are filtered whether the device is on the school’s network or not.  Specifically, we filter using the Securly service while devices are not on campus, which allows the district to block explicit content.  We block the following site categories: pornography, drugs, gambling, other adult content, anonymous proxies, hate, and search engines that don’t allow safe search enforcement.  We also provide parents with the ability to further restrict Chromebooks assigned to their student(s) while the devices are off-campus, using the Securly Parent Portal.

Q: Is there a fee or deposit for the laptop? 

A: No, ICCSD is not charging any fees, insurance costs, or deposits for 1:1 laptops. 

Q: What happens if a device gets damaged / lost / stolen? 

A: Please report any damage or loss to school personnel immediately; students can report this directly to their building librarian or a building administrator, and parents can call the building office.   In order to guarantee full access to our curriculum and to ensure consistency for our staff in planning and preparing instruction, students will be issued a replacement or loaner Chromebook as soon as possible.  If damage or loss is deemed by school staff to be negligent or repetitive, restrictions may be placed on the student’s ability to take their laptop off campus.  

Q: Will families have to pay for repairs to Chromebooks? 

A: Generally, no.  We ask that students and parents work to ensure that ICCSD-issued Chromebooks are well cared for, but we do understand that accidental damage or loss can and will occur.  Just as the district currently supports its in-building technology, we’ve built repair costs – based upon the experiences of peer districts – into our program cost, and will not assign a financial burden to families for what the district views as a key curricular resource.  That said, theft or willful destruction of district property will be subject to the district’s and schools’ behavior policies, as in the case of an intentionally-broken window or destruction of a textbook.

Q:  Does the Chromebook require any regular maintenance or software updates? 

A: Chromebooks update software automatically, and the district pushes out updates for district-assigned applications.  The Chromebook itself should require no ongoing maintenance on the part of the families, and guardians / students should not attempt repairs on their own.  In the event that a Chromebook is not functioning properly, please have your child alert their building librarian, bring the device to the school’s technical support desk, or contact your building office. 

Q: Will the district provide any accessories with the laptop? 

A: Yes, the district will issue each student a charger in addition to the Chromebook itself. 

Q: Who do I contact if the Chromebook has a technical problem? 

A: Students should bring their Chromebook to the technical support desk at their school, or notify a teacher or staff member who can contact the district’s Helpdesk.  

Q: Will the district provide home internet access if we don’t already have it? 

A: Yes, ICCSD provides home internet access (current as of March, 2021) to families who do not have internet access at home. Click here for more information.   

Q: As a guardian, what kind of limits should I set on my child’s screen time at home? 

A: The district will never tell you what rules are appropriate for your home, and we understand that there will be a wide range of approaches to dealing with screen time and laptop use at home.  Any rules that you have about computer use and/or internet access can apply equally to your child’s Chromebook use.  That said, please keep in mind that more class content will be accessed digitally via the Chromebooks, which may require students to spend additional time using devices in order to meet course requirements.  If you feel that the Chromebooks will substantially and negatively impact your household, or if you already have devices for your children to use at home, you can opt for the Chromebook to be checked in to remain at school at the end of each school day.