Add a Preview Pane in Gmail

Those of you who have been used to Microsoft Outlook may miss the ability to preview emails without having to fully open them.  This short video shows a simple process (~ 1 minute to complete) to add a preview pane to your Gmail web interface.  For step-by-step instructions, look below the video.  

Step-by-Step Instructions
  1. Sign in to your ICCSD Gmail account at 
  2. Click the settings gear button above and to the right of your message list, and then choose “Settings”
  3. At the top of the settings window, click the “Labs” link
  4. Scroll down to “Preview Pane”, and click “Enable”
  5. Scroll to the top of the Labs window and click “Save Changes”
  6. You will be taken back to your inbox.  There will be a new button above and to the right of the inbox (see picture below) that you can click to toggle between preview pane settings (no split, vertical split, and horizontal split).  

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