Wireless Projection and Extending Your Display

One of the features of our upgraded classroom suites in the Iowa City Schools is the ability to connect teacher laptops to the room’s projector wirelessly, providing wireless video projection as well as wireless control of the projector’s interactive functionality.  The video and instructions below walk through the processes of connecting wirelessly to a projector, turning on interactive functionality, and choosing whether to duplicate your laptop screen (the same thing appears on the laptop and the projector) or extend your laptop screen (so you can have different things on the respective displays).  

Instructions for Wireless Video: 


Instructions for Extended Desktop / Duplicate Displays: 

  1. Connect to a projector or other external display (wirelessly or with a video cable)
  2. Type the Windows key + P.  The Windows key is the keyboard key with the Windows logo in the bottom left quadrant of the keyboard. 
  3. Choose “Duplicate” to show the same thing on your computer and your projector.  Choose “Extend” to separate your computer and projector into two separate display screens. 
  4. You can move items between your extended displays by dragging them off of your laptop screen; the default direction is to drag to the right to move something to the extended display, and to drag it to the left to move it back to your laptop.  

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