Canvas at the End of the Trimester

I previously posted regarding the dates at which courses will no longer be available to students and teachers; in a nutshell, Trimester 1 courses will be available until June 30th, 2018.  Here is a more comprehensive guide for teachers as the end of the first trimester approaches.  

Concluding a Course

Courses are automatically set to conclude at the end of the trimester; this is true for trimester-long courses as well as year-long courses that are listed separately per trimester as Course – Tri 1, Course – Tri 2, and Course – Tri 3.  

Teachers do not need to conclude a course, although you can go to course settings (available at the bottom left hand side of your course page) and modify the settings shown below: 

Canvas Course Conclusion Settings

By default, the term should be set to the course’s appropriate term when the course is synchronized with PowerSchool.  While courses will continue to be accessible by students and teachers until the end of June, 2018, teachers can override the course conclusion dates as needed by modifying the start/end dates.  The “Users can only participate … ” option must be checked in order to override term settings synchronized from PowerSchool. 

Reusing Course Content

If you would like to reuse course content (whether an entire course or just specific content) within Canvas, you can use the instructions below. 

To reuse an entire course or to import specific components: 

  1. Open the course into which you would like to import content (Example: I taught a Toying With Technology elective in Tri 1, and am teaching it again in Tri 3.  I would start by opening the Tri 3 course. 
  2. In the bottom left corner of the course page, click “Settings”
  3. On the right-hand side of the Settings page, click “Import Course Content. 
  4. Search for the course you want to important; make sure to check “Include completed courses” if you’re searching for a previous course.
  5. Select the content you wish to import. 
    1. If you want to import the entire course, select “All content”
    2. If you want to reuse specific content, select “Select specific content”
  6. Under “Options”, you can choose to adjust due dates for course content.  This would allow you to automatically base due dates on the dates for the course into which you’re importing data, or to remove all dates entirely.  
  7. Click “Import”
    1. If you chose to import an entire course, you should now be finished. 
  8. If you’re importing specific content, you will need to click the “Select Content” button. 
  9. From here, you can choose to import any or all course information and content, including settings, modules, assignments, pages, files, and so forth.   After you’ve made your selection(s), click “Select Content” in order to complete the import process. 

While this is not my creation, the process described above is clearly shown in this video:  




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