Solving the “Google Authorization” Issue in Canvas

We’ve had relatively few ongoing technical issues with Canvas, but one of the problems that’s been a nagging issue that’s impacted our students and teachers is an issue with embedded Google documents. 

One of the features of Canvas is that it integrates with Google Drive; teachers can embed Google syllabi, assignment descriptions, sheets that students can collaborate on, etc., within Canvas.  Further, students can submit Google Docs as Canvas assignment submissions, embed Google docs in wikis and discussion boards, and so forth.  

For most students and teachers, this integration has worked with no problems.  A handful of users, however, have run into a problem where they try to authorize Canvas to access their Google account, but after going through the authorization process they just get prompted to authorize again.  We believe we have a set of steps (below) that will permanently resolve these problems for students and teachers.  If you’re having these issues, please follow each of the steps in this how-to guide.  

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