Citrix Virtual Application Server Updates

We’ve revamped the ICCSD virtual application server! Here are a few exciting things we’ve done to improve the user experience.

  • Branded login page
  • New and improved background servers
  • Improved login times
  • App optimization for better processing and graphics performance
  • Profile cleanup and reconfiguration

You may still notice some slower login times and degraded performance when using the Adobe Suite, as we’re working to adapt our virtual Adobe software to a new licensing structure before moving those apps to the newly-configured servers. 

Saving to a local device is now easier than ever. Now when you select ‘Save As’ on any device you will see the option to ‘Save to my device’. This will save the file locally and then can be moved to your Google Drive or other desired location. Additionally, you can also save to and open from Google Drive.  Please do not save to the Citrix server, as doing so will cause long login times and performance issues.  

If you rely on virtual apps in your classroom, please take a few minutes to test out the app(s).  If the app is not working correctly or missing please create a HappyFox ticket and we will get it addressed as quickly as possible.

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