ICCSD Student ID Cards Can Now be Used at our Public Libraries

We’re excited to announce a new partnership that will allow ICCSD Student ID cards to be used at the public libraries within our district.  Over the past six months, we’re grateful to have had the opportunity to work with the Iowa City Public Library, Coralville Public Library, and North Liberty Public Library to implement this complex project.  Some of the highlights of this program include: 

  • an exemption from fines and late fees
  • access to books at any public library location, along with access to digital materials, books on CD, and other media
  • ability to check out up to 3 items at a time
  • access to the public library system for all ICCSD students in grades K-12

We’ve been able to integrate our systems such that this service will be available to students immediately (pending distribution of ID cards to elementary students, which is underway).  

Read on for the full release: 

The Iowa City Community School District, in partnership with the Coralville, Iowa City, and North Liberty public libraries, is pleased to announce a new literary initiative to offer students greater access to books and other resources. We call it the AIM Card.

The AIM Card will launch the week of December 16, giving more students access to their local public libraries beginning winter break. 

“It’s exciting to know that our students will now have access to even more materials — especially online resources — than they already receive from our fabulous school libraries,” said Kristi Harper, library coordinator for the Iowa City Community School District. “The AIM Card will be an excellent supplement to our school libraries and will allow students to access information even when school is not in session on evenings, weekends, and school breaks.”

The AIM Card, which stands for Access to Information and Materials, will allow all ICCSD students in kindergarten through 12th grade to check out up to three items, including books, books on CD, magazines and digital materials, from any of the three public libraries. The AIM Card also will serve as the student ID card for Iowa City Community School District students. 

 “Children should have barrier-free access to public libraries,” said Angela Pilkington, coordinator of children’s services at the Iowa City Public Library. “With this card, students will be able to walk into any public library serving the Iowa City Community School District and check out materials they want without having to prove their address, or permission from a parent or a guardian. This card will give them access to materials they want and need.”

Items checked out on a student’s AIM Card are exempt from late fines and fees, regardless of the individual library’s policy.

“I love the collaborative aspect between the public libraries and the Iowa City Community School District. It’s a great way to expand access and share resources,” said Erin Silva, the youth and teen services librarian at the North Liberty Library. “That the AIM card is accessible for every registered student and won’t accrue fines or fees is another step toward a more equitable educational experience.”

The AIM Card builds on other collaborations among the libraries, such as Digital Johnson County, which provides ebooks, magazines, movies through Kanopy and other resources.  

“We hope that the AIM card will encourage children who aren’t already using our public libraries to explore what we have to offer, both virtually and at the library,” said Sara Glenn, youth services coordinator at the Coralville Public Library. “The school libraries and teacher librarians in the ICCSD are invaluable resources. This collaboration is one way in which the three public libraries can simplify students’ access to additional materials and services we provide.”

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