Spring Break! Time for a technology conference …

Think you’re having a better spring break than me?  Think again!  While the ICCSD offices are closed today and tomorrow, I get to attend the Iowa Technology & Education Connection IT Conference, a great opportunity to learn about topics related primarily to the operational side of our department, as well as to connect with and learn from peers around the state.  

A number of topics are on my agenda for the coming couple of days, including: 

  • Supporting 1:1 and Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) programs with Citrix virtual applications; this relates to our project here
  • What’s new from the Iowa Communications Network (ICN), our internet service provider (ISP)
  • Firewall round-table with other technology directors and network security professionals; this is timely due to some upcoming decisions we face relating to internal vs managed firewalls (more to come on that in a later post)
  • A Clever webinar; Clever is a platform that allows seamless approval and integration of external applications, and could be of interest to us
  • E-Rate update from the state’s E-Rate coordinator; E-Rate is a federal program that we’re working to leverage more effectively to save hundreds of thousands of dollars per year
  • Furniture trends for the 21st century classroom.  I’m super-excited about this; as we work to build new learning spaces and remodel existing ones, I think that thinking creatively about how technology and furniture can foster a dynamic, collaborative classroom environment is of tremendous importance
  • Student tech support round-table; a discussion with others throughout Iowa regarding approaches to student technician internships and similar programs; this is timely, as we’re planning to launch a similar program in our high schools next year in conjunction with our launch of a 1:1 initiative (more to come in a later post)
  • What to expect when you are building?  A discussion focused on the challenges of technology planning in a rapidly-growing district, such as ICCSD

I’m psyched to spend the next couple days learning, and am looking forward to sharing some of that here on the tech & innovation blog.  

Have a happy break!

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