ICCSD Email Migration Video Instructions

As I’ve written previously, the Iowa City Community School District is transitioning from our current email service (Exchange) to Google (Gmail) for email and calendars.

For detailed information, follow the link (above) to my previous blog post or check out my Email migration presentation.  I’ve also created a video (below) that walks you through the process of importing your email from Outlook to Gmail.  


  • District technology staff will migrate your last 180 days of email, plus calendars and contacts automatically.  Follow the instructions below to migrate email messages older than 180 days.  
  • The installation of the tool as outlined in the video must be run while on-campus, and will not work from off-campus.  
  • You can access a full user guide for the software tool demonstrated below by clicking here.
  • Your emails will not be removed from Exchange or Outlook as part of this process; they are simply copied to Google’s servers.

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