Laptop Distribution Dates and Details

Laptops will be upgraded at the ESC on May 4th and 5th, and May 11th and 12th.  We know that a mid-year upgrade presents challenges with regards to the busy schedules that all of you maintain, and as such, we’re working to make this process as accessible as possible. 

Upgrade Hours:  Our upgrade hours will be 6:30 AM to 6:30 PM on each of the listed days (listed at the bottom of this post). 

What to Bring: You should bring your laptop and your laptop power adapter; old power adapters will not work with the new laptops, so it’s important that we receive all old adapters back. 

Timeframe: We expect that it will take under 15 minutes to complete the process of turning in your old laptop and issuing a new laptop; though this time will be longer for staff members who need assistance with file backups (instructions for backing up your files in advance are available here).

Assigned Days: While staff members are welcome during any of the aforementioned days, we’d encourage staff members to attend during the days assigned to your building (below), if at all possible.  Building assignments are listed below.  Staff members who have large, specialty software installations – industrial technology and music, for instance – will be contacted separately to arrange for pickup times that will allow us to ensure that all software is installed on your computer as soon as you receive it. 

While we ask that staff members make every effort to attend one of these upgrade dates, we understand that this will not be possible for all staff members, due to leaves, prior commitments, etc.  If a staff member is unable to attend one of the upgrade dates, please get in touch with Sue Harms ( to arrange an alternate upgrade date. 

  • May 4th and 5th
    • City HS
    • TREC
    • Transitions
    • South East JHS
    • Alexander ES
    • Hoover ES
    • Hills ES
    • Lemme ES
    • Lincoln ES
    • Longfellow ES
    • Mann ES
    • Shimek ES
    • Twain ES
    • Grant Wood ES (participating in deployment pilot)
    • ESC
    • Physical Plant
  • May 11th and 12th
    • West HS
    • Tate HS
    • North Central JHS
    • Northwest JHS
    • Borlaug ES
    • Coralville Central ES
    • Garner ES
    • Horn ES
    • Kirkwood ES
    • Lucas ES
    • Penn ES
    • Van Allen ES
    • Weber ES
    • Wickham ES

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