Updated at 4:54 PM, May 1st: While ICCSD staff members should expect to receive an email with finalized information later tonight or tomorrow, here’s an update regarding where we’re at with the email transition for those of you who follow the blog: 

Email is being delivered to both Google and Exchange

DNS has now updated around the world such that new emails are being delivered to our Google domain.  The exception to this is emails that originate from Exchange, or that are sent using Exchange lists; these are still being delivered directly to Exchange (Outlook, for most ICCSD users).  Since we have routing set up in Gmail to automatically deliver a copy of all emails to Exchange as well as Gmail, we’re recommending that users continue using Exchange until otherwise notified, since it should be receiving all emails.  

We’re recommending that users continue using Exchange (Outlook) as usual for the time being

We’ll have an email out later today with a timeline for a recommended switch to Google, but for now we recommend that users continue using Exchange. 

So what is the issue that’s still being sorted out?  

As you’re probably aware, our transition was delayed due to a lengthy DNS propagation issue that caused some emails to be delivered to Exchange while others were going to Google.  This issue is now resolved, but because of the transition being drawn out, we feel the need to establish routing such that emails sent from Exchange will go to Google as well.  We are testing and implementing this fix right now, and as soon as it’s in place, will have a detailed email out to all users with what to expect.  

Will you be providing any other info?  

Yes, we have Gmail and Google Contacts guides in the work to address common questions since the transition date, including moving Outlook email lists to Google, managing contacts in Google, and creating filters/rules in Google.  

I’d also encourage you to check out our other transition information here.  

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