Chromebook Logouts on Lid Closure

Yesterday, I received a couple of emailed inquiries and a petition from students regarding a change in behavior when Chromebook lids were closed.  Previously, the Chromebooks were set to automatically go to sleep when the lid is closed – this helps to prevent inadvertent battery drain and overheating – and then to wake up when the lid is opened.  

An unanticipated effect of a policy change that was required to enable Clever Badge logins at two elementary schools was that the default behavior suddenly changed to a lid closure forcing a logout on the Chromebooks.  Thus, any open docs, browser windows, etc. would need to be reopened when a student, for instance, closed their Chromebook to move from one class to another.  

We reset this policy at 10 AM yesterday (Tuesday) morning when we learned about and diagnosed the issue, but it takes some time (or a device restart) for the policy change to propagate to each of our Chromebooks.  We’re hopeful that this issue will be completely resolved for all students and staff by today, and the Chromebooks should be back to the original behavior of just going to sleep when the lid is closed.  We encourage anybody who continues to see issues to report them to either the building’s technical support desk or to a librarian.  

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