As we learn during our first year Canvas implementation, I have some notes to share regarding teachers’ and students’ access to last trimester’s Canvas courses and data.  

Accessing Previous Grades – Teachers

If you log in to your T1 Canvas courses this morning, you will find that the “Grades” page appears to be empty.  In order to view and work with T1 grades, you will need to click the gear icon in the top right, and then choose “Show Concluded Enrollments”. 

Accessing Previous Student Lists – Teachers

Similarly, if you click the “People” button, you’ll find an empty list (other than observers and co-teachers).  To see your T1 students, click the gear icon in the top right on the People page, and then click “View Prior Enrollments”. 

Accessing Concluded Courses – Students

When students log in to Canvas, the dashboard may not have T1 courses.  To access T1 courses, students should click the “Courses” button, and then “All Courses”.  Once on the list of all course enrollments, scroll down to the “Past Enrollments” section.

Accessing Future Courses – Students

Trimester 2 begins at midnight on the morning of November 16th.  Any student who needs to access a T2 course today (November 15th) should click Courses –> All Courses and then scroll down to “Future Enrollments”.

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