As everyone is aware, we have been experiencing some issue with the KACE (KBOX) system both in the administrator portals and the Help Desk configuration. Due to a certificate error, some people have been receiving a message that KACE is unavailable due to too many redirects within the portal. This should now be resolved.

Our database was corrupted yesterday and KACE was taken offline in order to resolve the issue. The most recent backup that was not corrupt was from Saturday, December 2nd. This means we have lost any data entered into KACE from Monday, December 4th. We are attempting to re-enter as much information as possible now.

As part of our disaster mitigation plan, we are finalizing the migration to a virtual server. The complete migration is planned for tonight at 5 PM. This will prevent another hardware based corruption of the database like the one we experienced on Monday. Second, this will allow the speed of file transfers and task management to become several times faster than the current rate. Additionally, we will be able to create and restore backups at a much more rapid pace in a virtual environment allowing us to take several snapshots throughout the day to shrink the data loss from days to hours in the event of a disaster.

We apologize for this disruption to service and will continue to move forward with our disaster mitigation plan to prevent down time in the future. Right now, KACE has been fully restored and is available for normal use. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

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