Ben Magel has been working with the district for 18 months. He is a Technical Support Specialist where he assists in the installation and troubleshooting of phones, printers, and classroom technology, as well as address hardware repairs and software issues on district devices. Previously, he worked in the construction trade and with local food producers, farmers, and retailed in a production and consulting role. Ben received a degree in robotic technologies from Kirkwood in 2019. 

Ben Magel was born in Iowa City but spent most of his childhood in Ames. Ben is a huge Hawkeye fan. He loves to camp, grill, road-trip, bicycle and play music with friends. He says that hanging out with family is the best. Ben enjoys the seasons in Iowa and any excuse to be outside is a good one. Colorado is Ben’s home away from home. 

Ben believes that tacos are the very best food. He could definitely eat nothing but tacos for the rest of his days. If Michael Jackson’s “Don’t Stop ‘Til You Get Enough” comes on, Ben is going to dance and does not care if anybody is watching. Ben has been cliff jumping and will never do it again. “Thrill of my life. Thought I was going to die. One and done.”

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