Meet the Tech Team: Josh Reynolds

Father to two great kids, ages 5 and 2, Josh Reynolds is the Client Services Manager. He oversees a quarter of the department, including Help Desk, Building Assigned Technicians, and technology that can be physically touched (classroom tech, computers, printers, etc.). Josh has been with the district for about 5.5 years. He enjoys being able to provide a positive impact on the lives and education of so many community members through his work. 

Hailing from Burlington, Josh’s very first job was collecting carts from the parking lot and bringing them inside at Walmart. He later worked for UIowa Help Desk as well as part of the Geek Squad as a Best Buy Supervisor.

The first thing Josh bought with his own money was a 55in 720p Panasonic plasma tv about 12 years ago. And he would like you to know that it is still in use. Money well spent.

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