Meet the Tech Team: Adam Kurth

Originally from Davenport, IA, Adam Kurth is the Director of Technology & Innovation. He oversees the district’s IT, instructional technology, and research services team. He has been with the ICCSD for 7 years. Adam has worked in the educational technology field for many years, most recently in the suburban Des Moines area. 

Adam loves woodworking, playing and composing percussion music, gardening, bicycling, and he is a huge Hawkeyes and Cubs fan. He also loves complicated strategy board games. Games like Axis & Allies or Twilight Struggle are some favorites. 

If he could only eat one food for the rest of his life, Adam would eat burritos. Specifically Panchero’s-style burritos. He has long been convinced that this is one of the foods that you could live on and be daily healthy, and they’re delicious. 

Most importantly, Adam strongly believes that Tuesdays should be eliminated. Weeks would become 6 days long, there would be 61 weeks in a year, and he says literally everything would be better.

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