Meet the Tech Team: Austin Wells

Austin Wells grew up in Davenport, IA. Austin has also lived in Portland, OR and Cleveland, OH. He returned to Iowa just a few years ago. 

Before joining the district, he was an instructional coach at a middle school in Cleveland and before that, he taught 8th grade American History for a number of years. Austin has been with the district for 3.5 years. He is a Data Analyst. He identifies and facilitates improvement projects regarding student data collection, storage, and reporting. He also builds and distributes ad hoc reports in a variety of mediums. Or he could be designing, building, and managing data dashboards in Tableau. 

Austin’s favorite thing about his job is when he succeeds in providing the means by which someone is able to get to the root of an important question they are pursuing, especially when it is related to one of the equity initiatives. 

Austin would love to spend more time traveling with his family. He wants his 7 year old and 9 year old, two students in the school district, to see and explore as much of the world as possible while they still have time. 

He would also like to learn how to write fiction well. Austin loves to read and he has hosted a monthly science fiction book club for some time now. Occasionally, he thinks it would be fun to workshop his own stories. 

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