Meet the Tech Team: William Grant Henk

William Grant Henk comes from Omaha but can now be found in Iowa City. Before coming to the district, he was in the army for around five years. William was deployed to Afghanistan twice and spent a month in the United Kingdom which he says was pretty cool. 

He is now the Lead Technical Support Specialist and has been with the district for five years. William can sometimes be seen walking around with his service dog, Dorrie. Dorrie is a golden retriever and primarily wakes William up from bad dreams. Though it seems that he also wakes her up from bad dreams about as much as she wakes him up, so he isn’t sure who is serving who at this point. 

William is very much a coffee person. Generally, he drinks black store brand coffee but every once in a while he will add just a bit of half and half. He thinks there may be a conspiracy among his co-workers to not talk to him before he has had his coffee which if true, he apologizes for. 

Speaking of conspiracies, William says, “THE DOMINO’S PIZZA TRACKER IS A LIE AND IS IN NO WAY ACCURATE TO THE CURRENT STATUS OF YOUR PIZZA! It’s a gimmick to make you think that they care about your pizza. Because my pizza will sit in the ‘Order received section’ for 35 minutes, then it will move to the ‘Baking in the oven now!’ section for less than a minute. Then the tracker tells me ‘Paul is delivering your pizza’ but then Lisa drops it off! It’s all corporate lies.”

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