Email Migration (Exchange to Google; May, 2017)

On May 2nd at 5:00 PM, the Iowa City Community School District will finalize the transition from Microsoft Exchange email servers (our current email service) to Google (Gmail) for email service.  

Use the links below to access instructions and frequently asked questions relating to the upcoming migration.  If you’re curious what will happen on the 2nd, click the “What to expect on May 2nd” link: 

What to expect on May 2nd
How to migrate old emails from Exchange to Google
How do I use Gmail via the Web?
How to use Outlook with Google
What to do if I’m unable to install the migration or Outlook sync tools (mentioned in the two previous links)
How do I connect my phone or tablet to my district Google/Gmail account?
How do I copy an Outlook email list into Gmail?
How do I create filters (rules) in Gmail? 
How do I add a preview pane in Gmail?
Why is this change being made?
Other Frequently Asked Questions
Google Calendar: Creating Events and Meeting Invites
Google Calendar: Viewing Others’ Calendars Within Google Calendar
Google Calendar: Using Outlook to Access & Manage Google Calendars
Google Calendar: Adding ICCSD Facilities (Room) Calendars within Google Calendar

For more information, check out this presentation that covers the details of what data will be migrated, along with other transition specifics.