Beginning at 5 PM on Tuesday, November 23, individuals who are dialing out from an on-campus ICCSD phone should press “8” rather than “9” to dial out. This change comes on the heels of the recent change in the 319 area code to require 10-digit dialing for all numbers, including local numbers.

To clarify, this means that a long-distance call from an ICCSD phone will require the following format: 8+1+ten digit phone number, while local calls will require 8+ten digit phone number.

The main reason for this change is to reduce the frequency of inadvertent 911 calls, where a user dials 9 to get out, 1 for long distance, and then accidentally pressing another 1 immediately dials 911. To be clear, any user dialing 911 from a district phone will immediately get emergency response, with no reason to dial 8 to get out.

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