Meet the Tech Team: Harold Strait

Harold Strait is one of two Systems Administrators in the district. His job is to keep the district’s services and systems operating efficiently. Harold has been with the district for 11 years. Previously, Harold worked at a university in their technology department.

Some things to know about Harold, Harold would rather have fur than scales. He feels old when his favorite songs are on the “oldies” list. Harold is a tea person, no coffee. He rarely drinks anything other than juice, sweetened tea, or water.

Harold reading Are You Scared, Darth Vader? By Adam Rex as part of Book Madness, organized by district media staff. March 2019

“Of course, I had to bring some Star Wars flare to the reading session. It’s been a great honor to read books (in-person or virtual) to our students since my first session in 2019. Days like this will stick in my memories forever.”

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