Meet the Tech Team: Chris Bland

Chris Bland has been working for the district for a year and a half. He is currently the District Asset Associate. He is responsible for receiving all of the district’s purchases which includes the technology assets that need to be inventoried, tagged, and distributed. His favorite thing about his job is the different tasks Chris does each day. Every day is different from the last. Chris enjoys the people in the tech department as they have a rapport with each other and are willing to help when someone needs it.

Chris was born in Iowa but has lived all over the country. Most recently he lived on the east coast as the director of golf at a private country club. Chris was a PGA Golf Professional. He is the type of golf pro that teaches the game, not necessarily one who plays on the PGA tour although he would like to think his game is above average. 

His youngest sister is a teacher in the district and teaches 4th grade at Twain and he thinks that she, and all teachers, really do a fantastic job with their students. He is so proud of her and the job she does!

Chris is the type of person that wakes up immediately after his alarm goes off. Usually he is up before his alarm. After twenty years in the golf business, he is used to getting up before dark. His lovely wife sets about 5 alarms to make sure that she wakes up in time for her job. He hopes she doesn’t see this!

His favorite place to travel is to the island of Curacao. Chris has been there 5 times and one visit was for a whole month. He absolutely loved it. He would want to have a two bedroom catamaran boat and would live on that off the coast of Curacao. It is a Dutch island and he says the locals are so nice and pleasant. Chris believes it is the best place to relax and enjoy great weather along with the best scuba diving around.

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