Meet the Tech Team: Zachary Westemeyer

Originally from Spirit Lake, IA, Zachary Westemeyer is a Building Tech Sub for the district. He will fill in for other techs when they are out sick. He has been with the district for 2 years this May. 

Before working for the district, Zachary was in school for Game Design and Development. If he had unlimited money to start his own business, Zachary would start a company that makes video games since he did go to school for it.

His first job was an internship where he shadowed a theatre technician. He learned how to set up the theatre for all the shows and occasionally run the technology for it as well. The tech ranged from musical productions to theatrical productions and nearly everything you could think of that a theatre would be used for. 

A song that reminds Zachary of high school is Friday by Rebecca Black. The kids at his school refused to let a Friday pass without blaring the song on their computers, which were new at the time. His high school was part of a pilot program that eventually led to the 1:1 Integration of students to computers. Out of everything they could have done with those computers, his classmates decided to blast Friday by Rebecca Black. 

Zachary would also like to share that he will be getting married in June of 2023!

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